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General FAQ:

How do I pay?

• I appreciate full payment up front on all artwork prior to starting a project.

• Full payment up front is required on orders $25.00 or less.

• Anything over $25.00, may be split in half as follows:

Half down before the artwork is started. All progress screenshots will be watermarked.No exceptions.

Balance paid in full before the completed artwork is delivered. Upon the completed payments, there will not be watermarks on the official artwork(s) you receive.

• I don’t do preorder sketches.

Do You Only Go Through PayPal for Payment?

Yes. Currently, I only take payments through PayPal. However, if you have another way to pay, I’m always open to consider!

I Need a Rush Order!

My wait times vary depending on my workload. I keep a current wait time posted on my shop & contact pages. However, if you need an order sooner, we may be able to work something out. Extra rush fee’s may apply.

Can I Use the Artwork Anywhere?

YES! I firmly believe that if you purchased the artwork, you are free to do what you want with it. This means, if you purchase a profile, you are free to put it on a T-Shirt if you desire. The paid artwork is yours to use as you would like.

What about Trades or Shout Outs for Artwork?

No trades or shout outs regardless of the size of a channel or social site.

I Don’t Have Money to Buy Art. Are There Other Options?

Yes! Check out giveaways on my Twitter, Instagram Vine and YouTube for a chance to win! Occasionally, I tweet out a request for skin references. If selected, your art is free!

Does Slow Silver Creations promote my artwork for me?

Yes. All my artwork is used for Slow Silver Creations promotional purposes. This includes but not limited to, social sites, speed art, printed material. Your purchased artwork may give you a boost because you receive free publicity. If you don’t wish for me to share the purchased work publicly, or would like me to wait to post until a later time, please let me know.


Price Quote FAQ:

Why Do You Quote Logo’s, Banners and other Custom Work?

I quote because each design may be vastly different from one another. All designs require a quote. No exceptions.

What Information is Needed for a Price Quote?

In order to give you a price quote, I need to know your design requirements.

• Name (example: TubeCraft SMP)

• Style of lettering (example: clean & shiny 3D text)

• Avatars (example: a dragon curled around the name with smoke coming out of it’s nostrils & chains around it’s claws)

• Items (example: a sword running through the text)

• Background (example: everything setting on a broken little island with rock & dirt falling a little beneath)

• Color (example: Your company may have Red, White and Blue color scheme)

• Other details that would help me picture the design so we can get on the same page

What if I Don’t Have a Design in Mind?

If your idea is lacking details, we can brainstorm. However, I only add specifics you request. If you would like to add art requirements after the design is agreed upon, there will be additional charges.

What if the Price is a Little Over My Budget?

I strive to give the very best price I can. However, sometimes a design idea can go over the budget. There’s usually another option! We can scale down the design to cut cost and make your project affordable for you! :)

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